Wednesday, June 22, 2005

10 Things that sucks about packing!

Only 10 days and we will move into our new apartment and only 7 days until we get the keys. I can't hardly wait! But even though I moved about ten times in my live I just started to realize that some things about packing really suck but the good thing is...You forget as soon as you are done unpacking! Here my list in no certain order:

1. I'm totally amazed about how much stuff I collected since the last move and it takes hours to decide whether I should throw away a bundle of paper I collected at our last vacation or not.

2. I'm amazed by the amount of stuff I throw away this time as this is exactly the stuff I decided not to throw away last time.

3. Even though I clean a lot I'm amazed by the amount of dust on and behind bookshelves.

4. The time before moving is the only time I sit down and read my diaries - maybe a try to avoid working ;-)

5. All packing cases are too small.

6. I always pack more books into a packing case as recommended to keep an unbroken back - I hope the movers won't have voodoo dolls with my name tag at home where they prick needles in the back.

7. The cat is everywhere, EVERYWHERE!

8. The weather is only good while packing, as soon as I take a break it starts raining!

9. I love to pack alone - I wanna be the only one to know where everything is!

10. As soon as 30 packing cases were packed I lost track about where things went!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Pimp my Flat Volume VIII

That is sooooo great: We get to move just three weeks. First weekend of July!

There might be a few smaller things unfinished, like the door from Nat's room into the livingroom, but that doesn't change the moving day.

We are soooo happy, though this means that we do have to do a lot in the next three weeks before moving. We're glad that we started organizing things a while ago: we cleaned the attic, bought stuff for the new apartment, Nat made a long to-do list weeks before and she's already packed some boxes while Jim was in the States. (Once in her lifetime Nat's wants her huge amount of books sorted and it seems this time she's getting there).

We're almost there...

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Pimp My Flat - Volume VII

We went to the new apartment again today to determine where the tiles in the bath and kitchen should go. They've made lots of progress. Starting to look like a finished apartment in many places.

Here's the living room from the kitchen area:


The crafters have started with the floor. They're just finishing the kitchen area in this picture:


Thomas, Nat's boss, was with us. He believes they are doing very good work. Everything seems to be done correctly and with precision. Thomas wanted to keep the cut pieces of the floor boards to burn in his woodburning stove - typical Thomas.

Here's the leading edge of the floor:

This is Nat's play room. It's huge:

Nat's Room

Jim's play room has the highest ceiling in the apartment (11 ft.) and is the only one with a support pole in the middle of it, which adds character:

Jim's Room

The floor in Jim's home office is completely done:

Jim's Home Office

We had an extra window put in above the door to Jim's office. This is the end furthest away from the livingroom and we wanted some extra natural light in the hallway.


Originally, the plan was to have a normal, straight staircase, but that wasn't possible for technical reasons: the support beams in the ceiling didn't allow for it. So, we got a spiral staircase. At first we were against it because it takes up too much space. Now that it's in, we're quite happy with it. Looks good in the room:

Sprial Staircase

The staircase leads to the huge deck, which still needs to be finished:

Top-Roof Terrace

They are converting the old water tower into a hotel in the Schanzen Park. That's the big brick building below the TV tower in the picture. Seems we'll be able to watch progress from the deck while sipping from our cocktails with little tiny umbrellas.

Water Tower and TV Tower