Sunday, February 25, 2007

New instrument and other random stuff!

Not much new here - but I promised I update the blog more often - LOL! is either nobody reads the blog anymore or you won't leave comments ;-)

While I spent a lot of time in my studio the last days again for some projects

Niles spent his time in a new box - give him a box and he is happy!

and Jim rented a new instrument- I love it!!! I hope he will buy it-love the sound and how it looks!

LOl - so this is family life at our place ;-)


Saturday, February 17, 2007

YEaah - we are getting there!

Remember that Jim is vanished in his little room for almost a year now to finish his book? Well....we are getting there...take a peek at his cover ;-)

Designing Web Navigation: Optimizing the User Experience

Is there still anybody out there that really believes we are updating the blog? I feel so sorry - I will try to do better!