Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween makes it tour to Germany

Unbelievable - ten years ago Germany would only know about Halloween from certain American movies or some student exchanges - now it is fully arrived here. Well at least in the shops. Halloween decoration everywhere. The households are rarely decorated and only a handful little kids is ringing bells and asking with shreeky voices for some candy. I spied some shaving cream on some windows here and there- but all quite low. So it seems it is more a marketing from the shops.

But...of course we had a pumpkin as usual - althoug it was pretty hard to find a good one this year.

Other than that we can't wait to see Joe and Shelly who will come for a visit in two weeks!


At 1:16 AM, Blogger Eeva said...

Yeah!! It's the same in Sweden! I had 2 kids trick or treat'n at my door and I didn't have ANY candy at home ;). They got to choose sticker sheets from my sticker box instead *LOL* I didn't know that the kids in germany go trick or treat.


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