Monday, November 26, 2007

Sadly enough Joe and Shelly left yesterday. It was a great time - we had a lot of fun - too bad though that both of them got sick. We hope they still enjoyed the trip and will come back. We miss our friends here!

Here are some photos - sorry Karen - yep - we did some things equal to what we did with you guys- this doesn't mean you aren't special - LOL - all our friends are special :-)

Stade - Church

In the center of Stade - canal

Speicherstadt Hamburg- after we went to Dialogue in the Dark

Joe making Käsespätzle

Shelly making Gravy on Turkey Day

Our yummie 11 pound turkey- brined and stuffed

At the market underneath the subway (which goes upway there - LOL)

And how cool are wii??? We got a wii from Joe and Shelly- so much fun!

Hamburg Carnval - Jim and Shell are in the second waggon while Joe and I are waiting (we know what is good for us :-) )

Some fun Graffity photo shoots

Doing the Narwhal right now ;-)


At 6:17 AM, Blogger Joseph said...

What? No photos of my sexy new German haircut?


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