Friday, June 16, 2006

Just some pictures

Germany vs. Poland - I do have to admit a very thrilling game and good way to check out the manuel of the camera ;-)
Soccer - Germany vs. Poland

On the way to our turkish supermarket I met Sandra and Mathias and we had a coffee and a snack.



And on the way to pick Linus up from his daycare we saw this gem
100_0089 Pretty bold to have a Porsche in Schanzenviertel and on top with a German Flag!

And here is Rita, Linus Day Care, who was all dressed up for the Game Argentinia vs. Serbia-Montenegro. I'm sure she had a blast seeing Argentinia win 6:0
Argentinia rules!

And last but not least Linus himself - he is such a fun Kid!

That's it ----really nothing too exciting!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Soooooo - I got my birthday gift ahead of time - Jim I love you to pieces!!!!

A new camera ---Kodak EasyShare Z740 and ahhh that is soooo nice and awesome!

Here are some random shots I took right away:
Niles - of course:
Christuskirche normal setting:
Christuskirche with optical zoom:
Flowers on our rooftop terrace:


And last but not least - this one - it is priceless!

And did I mention that I love Jim? I do!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

The FIFA is here...and so is the summer!

Finally, last Friday the Worldcup (Soccer) started. Here in German and partly in Hamburg. Let's just say the madness has already begun. Neighbors running around with wigs in the colors the German flag, honking cars all the time, ole-ole-ole shoutings at nighttime. Everybody wears a T-shirt of his or her favorite national team, so shopping at the Turkisch butcher you can pick out the the Ecuadorian guy right away. That is kind of fun though. And four weeks the AOL Arena temporarily become the FIFA Worldcup Stadion. AOL is not sponsoring FIFA, and they had to change. So is it with lot's products. There was even a lawsuit to prohibit the name "world champion rolls" sold in Hamburg bakeries for years and years. FIFA said "No way - World champion is a tradmarked word." We were envisioning those funny situations at the bakery "Good morning, I would love to have two BEEEEEEEP rolls." But FIFA lost - world champion is a little bit too common trademark.

Good it went that way, because right on time the sun came out. Rumors are that the Worldcup Weather is also trademarked by FIFA. Well if that means that we have four weeks of awesome summer weather we don't care right now!

What can be better as a nice relaxing afternoon on our rooftop terrace?
Sometimes a balloon can be seen in the distance:
And forget cooking - let them deliver Sushi to the 6th floor without elevator:
Sushi on the Terrace your happiness ;-)
Jim the Goofball
Some zeppelins later:

So tonight USA vs Czech. We have a bet: Nat is beting Czech wins; Jim of course USA. We will see (You know - you gotta be part of the madness, otherwise you won't survive here ,-) )

Monday, June 05, 2006

Hamburg bleibt dreckig! Versprochen!

We know - long time no hear!
But hasn't be much happen to tell.
First of all we wanna share this gem with you:

Hamburg bleibt dreckig! Versprochen!

Nat found this "graffiti" around the corner - it says:"Hamburg stays dirty! Promised!" We think this is hilarious.

We have another bad summer so far. The beginning of May was gorgoeus. Then it got cold and rainy again. It actually seems colder than in the winter because the heat isn't on in the apartment. You can see this also on this pictures taken at the International Beer Festival in Hamburg, which was the crappiest beer festival we have ever been too.

This is how the fest looked like:

We still managed to have fun with Anthony and Tracy from London, with whom we rated several beers together. This funny guy from Austria was also totally disappointed by the German beerfolk (or lack thereof).


We managed to make the best out of this festival by hosting a tasting session the next day. Anthony and Tracy and also Mike from Denmark came to our place. We had a lot of fun and a lot of good beer!

Tomorrow we're having friends over for a BBQ. We planned this 3 weeks ago in the hope for good weather...well...just keep your fingers crossed - it doesn't look as if this is going to happen.

That is it for now - see...nothing spectecular!