Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Metric - here is to you JoeV!

Friday was the DAY! Emily!!! I bought the tickets to the Metric concert weeks ago, could hardly wait and started the day with just buying the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs Album "Show your bones" - I mean, I love the first one and hey, Karen O. was Emily's room mate at Juilliard, so a good way to start my music day ;-)
I went to the concert with Circe. Starter: The Rogers Sisters - I do have their Album "Three Fingers" and like it a lot, but I gotta say I was slightly disappointed by the live performance - "Baby, it was a little bit off key".

Metric though rocked big time. Emily is sooo cool - you are totally right JoeV! Sorry again that you missed my live call - JoeT enjoyed it though ;-)and with this US-calls the tickets doubled their price. But I rub it in Kids - just 12,50 EUR for the tickets. And I was standing right in front - right in front of Emily!
Stage Performance was amazing and though I was totally in Love with Josh Winstead I couldn't keep my eyes from Em! Bam! I hadn't had my camera with me but I got permission from Miss Caro to show two of her awesome photos from the concert in Cologne. Check here photo stream out! Thanks a lot Caro!!

Here is Emily...and her boots ;-)

emily haines. [metric.]
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boots. [emily haines, metric.]
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The downer: NO encore - the Molotow were the concert took place had an event at midnight, so the bands had to stop on time (so stupid!)

After the concert Circe and I enjoyed a drink celebrating the awesome news that St. Pauli won 2:1! What a great great friday!