Saturday, August 12, 2006

We are alright!

Well - there are news - but not that good news. Let me say we are alright first!

Thursday an apartment in our building burned out. I came home from work at around 6.20 pm and everything was well. At 6.40 pm Jim smelled something weird in the living room and at the same time the door bell rang and a pedestrian on the street told us that there is smoke coming out of a window in the second floor. I grabbed the phone and went downstairs to check what is going on. Christian was already there - and we saw huge black smoke clouds coming out of the door. Then we heard noises as if somebody is in there. Christian banged against the door and it banged back. We thought our neighbor was in there and couldn't get out. Luckily we didn't get the door open - it were little explosions inside which caused the banging and it could have caused a lot of injuries if we would have opened the door.
I called the fire department and made my way upstairs ringing out all the neighbors and got Jim and Niles to go downstairs. While this only took a minute it was nearly to late. We got stuck in the staircase as the light went off and it was full of black smoke. We could barley breath and couldn't see anything. We came out last minute and the fire men came in the minute we came out.

The firemen took the fire out and checked if all rooms are ok.




We were able to get back into our apartments around an hour later. The smoke is still in our apartment - but not too bad. We cleaned a lot. Worst is in the hallway -it is all up in front of our door - a yuckie smelling cloud.

We are more or less ok - I do not feel right today, headache, nausea etc. Might be just the stress that was caused by the incident but we will see.

We were very happy that this did not happen at night time. We also learned that Jim and I shouldn't go downstairs - we should go up to the roof. There are enough ways to a) get rescued there or b) get to another roof.

Anyway- everything is fine!