Saturday, September 09, 2006

Vacation Report - Part III

Here we go again ;-) Thursday evening we had a great time with JoeV, Brad, Karen, Bill, Jess and Dave at the Old Bay in New Brunswick. Steve, an old Highschool friend came by too - last time Jim saw him was about ten years ago. We had a blast. Unfortunatley I didn't take a photo of him - sorry!

Joe - thank you so much for the awesome old map of Hamburg - we are discussing where we wanna hang it and take a photo for you then!

JoeV and Brad - what are you guys thinking about?
Joe and Brad at the Old Bay
Dave and Jess
Dave and Jess at the Old Bay

The next day we went to the airport and flew to San Francisco - oh and by the way, security check at the airport was nothing - I don't get it, what's up? People were carrying in water and food and first class was a make up studio. it just us the Europeans that have to be checked...sorry, but that was really something that made me mad.

Anyways in San Fran we picked up the car, drove over Golden Gate to Joe and Jen (oh yeah we have a lot of J names around ;-) ).
Crossing Golden Gate Bridge

Joe and Jen live in Sonoma County the Wine County right next to Napa. They do live in an awesome house which is on a vineyard - BEAUTIFUL! It was soooo good to see you guys again- as the last time had been our wedding in NJ two years ago. Soren their little one is such a cutie. We totally adore him!
After some gorgeous Corn Cakes Jen made for us we explored the vineyard
Let's see the vineyard
Me tasting the grapes - which were just changing their colors
Nat at the vineyard
From the back of the vineyard towards the front
from the back of the vineyard

The grapes

Mies was happy to see me - it has been a long time - though he gave me this look "Hey Chicka - what's up? No German Chocolate this time????" Sorry Mies!
Mies asking where the chocolate is
It is totally amazing how good he is with Soren, he really really loves the little boy. And the little boy loves Mies - it is so cute to see both of them interact with each other.

After a gorgeous dinner, together with Carol - Jen's wonderful Mom - we did crash.

The next day we all went together for a Mini-Roadtrip. We went to Calistoga where we tasted beer at Napa Valley Brewing Co., drove through the Napa Valley- where we saw some of the places again we saw on our California trip together with Esther in 2000. We drove over the mountain on Oakville Road and had some gorgeous views. Unbelievable houses there in the mountains - geeee!!!! We also went to Russian River's Brewpub, where Natalie invited us to come hops picking on Monday. We rated some beers - all very good and after a great dinner and watching the stars on the porch at the double-J's house our first full day in CA was already over.


Jen and Nat
Driving through the Mountains Napa to Sonomo Valley

Rating Session at Russian River Brewing Co.
At Russian River

Joe and Jen
Jen and Joe

The next day we had a very relaxed morning altogether - that was really my favorite part - just hanging around with the 3 J's, Carol and Soren and Mies and talk and eat and relax. Later we went to Bear Republic for tasting (well we were there ...right? )
Tomorrow I will post photos from the hops picking - I know some people wait to see those ;-)
Have you all a great day!


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More great pics. What a super vacation you had!


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