Tuesday, July 18, 2006

MOTH in Hamburg ;-)

It is about time to update again - we have plenty of photos to share from Matt, Olivia, Tristan and Heidi - in short MOTH - in Hamburg. It was such a wonderful time and we really enjoyed having you champs over. So before you and Uncle Walter get the CD I will post some photos here.

Saturday evening when MOTH came we went to a pizzeria and sat outside to eat. Tris and Olivia were following the soccer game Germany vs. Portugal. They cheered when a T O R was counting for Germany ;-) It was fun for us and for the other people in the restaurant.

Tris and Olivia watching Germany vs. Portugal

Later we went up onto our roof to look at the blue goals that were set on lot's of tall buildings during the Worldcup - the were illuminated and a lasershow going on:
MOTH on our terrace looking at the blue goals laser show

Sunday we went to the harbour. We were on the old sailor ship Rickmer Rickmers and watched a very very long movie ;-)
Self discribing ;-)

Jim on Rickmer Rickmers


Olivia on Rickmer Rickmers

Heidi on Rickmer Rickmers

We had some music sessions on the roof:
Tris and Oliva - the Band

Matt with guitar

and in the living room:
Another Music session

That's it for today - continues tomorrow with Uncle Walters Birtday Party!


At 9:58 PM, Blogger Deb said...

Looks like a great day!! Love the pics.

At 1:12 PM, Blogger P. von Rotlicht said...

Liebe Alles,

As an English Country Gentleman, personally I object to these Northern Types displaying on the web what is quite clearly a picture of a man pretending to play the guitar. The children (if indeed they are his) do him more credit than is his worth, and almost certainly really know how to play said instrument.

Kindly desist from such vulgar displays, or at least show us the rest of the pics so that we can indeed determine how such disreputable characters might fare for instance in a German Beer Hof waving their hands in the air and mouthing the lyrics in a best attempt to pass themselves off as fluent in the Lingo.

Yours sincerely,

Major General Pilsner von Rotlicht (Mrs)

At 4:19 AM, Blogger socialbutterfly said...

Great pictures!! I want to read it all with a little bit more time!!
Thanks Nat ;)


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