Sunday, July 23, 2006

Uncle Walters 80th Birthday

I know, I know - I promised to do this earlier, but it was really busy the last days - so I hope my funny General Rotlicht will forgive me (that really cracked me up!) ;-)

Here we go - Roadtrip with MOTH to Wuppertal - unfortunatley we got stucked in a traffic jam right after Hamburg. We picked up a hitchhiker ;-)

We take him with us

Uncle Walter was very happy to see us

Uncle Walters 80th Birthday

The birthday party took place at the Dorrenberg Hof - we had been there for aunt Margot 85th birthday too. Of course aunt Margot was there too ;-)

Aunt Margot

also aunt Waltraud who had some serious words with somebody ;-)

Margot and Waltraud

Uncle Walter's choir was there

The choir

Here aunt Margot, aunt Waltraud and Heidi. Also watch the waiter and his cool shirt - Matt and Jim want to have a Dorrenberger Hof Shirt - hahaha!

Margot, Waltraud and Heidi

Tris wrote a wonderful guitar solo and played it for Opa. It is gorgeous and it is amazing how good he is and how talented!

Tris performing

Uncle Walter aka Opa was very proud of Tris

Uncle Walter proud

And of course he needed a typical German present which says "Grandpa is cream of the crop"


aunt Margot changed later and did a Marlene Dietrich kind of act which was stunning and wonderful

Marlene Dietrich dress

Aunt Margot

And later Tris made us learn that some certain person (the main person of a song) is still alive - thanks champ ;-)

Der alte Holzmichel lebt noch

After the party we brought the kiddos to the hotel and Heidi, Matt, Jim and I had a nice beer to end the evening.

The next day was a bit rushed, we went with aunt Margot to the Wuppertaler Brauhaus for lunch, rated two beers and went home to Hamburg

Aunt Margot at the Wuppertaler Brauhaus

Back in Hamburg

It was a great trip to Wuppertal and we loved seeing you all. We love you!


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